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The girls were not too thrilled to go for a whole week of "math" camp but by the second day they could not wait for the next day! I think that speaks even more for how well designed the camps are then a child that is already excited by the subject! Tiphaine in Cherry Creek
Thank you for your kind words and enthusiasm.  I really think my daughter’s math skills have gotten so much better since she has been doing this class and she has a love of math that she didn’t have before. Heather at DLS
I tell you, my girls absolutely love Pi Q Math. In fact, my oldest confided that Pi Q Math was the best camp she has ever done. She ranks it above horseback riding, tennis, golf, art, swimming, drama and countless more. Thank you for making math fun. Shelly at Cory Elementary
I’m so grateful to you for leading this program this spring. My son has never been so excited and engaged by any intellectual activity as he has been by your class. I am so excited as a father for the new world that you’ve opened up for my son. Robert at Polaris at Ebert
My son has been to several camps this summer and math camp was his favorite so far. It was mine as well, as he definitely came away from camp with new skills and lots more confidence. We'll definitely be back for more! Thanks again! Rebecca at Bromwell
Thank you so much, Anjalika! Our kids had such a great time. They have been to such a variety of camps and it blows my mind that a math camp is reported to be their favorite. Thanks for all that you do. We will be back as well as recruit others. Greg at Carson Elementary
My daughter loves Pi Q Math and it is really exciting to see her so interested and motivated. I think there are two ways of looking at math... it gets harder as you get older, or it gets more interesting as you get older :) This is clearly steering her in the happier direction Jonathan at Steck
We loved it! Thanks. I’ve just referred you to a friend whose daughter needs a bit of help. Great work. You’ve found the real trick to teaching kids math and making it fun – the way it should be! Nice meeting you as well. Kristen at Carson
As a parent, it's a real relief to find child care programs that are safe, fun, engaging and that provide learning tools as important as those that you've provided. You have a natural ease with the kids as well as an amazing brain! A rare combo and much appreciated. Kelly at Lincoln
We are so happy we were introduced to the world of PiQ math. I truly believe what you are providing to these children is priceless. Looking forward to seeing more of you this summer! Daisy at Stanley British Primary
I just wanted to tell you how much my daughter loved camp this week. I have never seen her so excited about math! Usually when we work on math she loses focus and gets very frustrated. She has a sense of confidence that I haven't seen in her before! I'm looking forward to her coming back the week after next. Thank you! Cassie at Westerly Creek
Thank you so much for a great day. When I told my girls that I'd signed them up for "Math Camp", one was excited and the other gave a big sigh. So, I bet my daughter $5 that she would have fun. I figured for $5 she would try really hard not to! However, she couldn't resist and said in the car that she would happily do it again. Alicia at Polaris at Ebert
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