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School Break Camps

School Break Camps

Our School Break Camps are packed with everything you love about Pi Q Math.  Your child will work at their own individualized level and at their own pace in a fun, playful environment towards becoming a powerful user of mathematics.  Whether your child wants to improve their creative problem solving skills through puzzles or improve their word problem skills through math competitions, this club is for you!

During the camp time, your child will:

-Think smarter and faster with mental math
-Think logically and spatially while playing with puzzles designed to develop a child’s reasoning skills
-Think deeply about foundational math concepts critical in the elementary and middle school years through competition-level math word problems.

    A Camp Day Looks Like..

Learning at Pi Q Math feels like play because students make authentic choices, feedback is immediate, collaboration is encouraged and there is a sense of purpose without over-elaborate objectives.

Your child chooses between many fabulous centers!

  • MATH ROCKS In this center, your child will become smarter and faster with mental math. Number fluency is the ability to perform mental math effortlessly, flexibly, quickly and accurately. Number fluency is the key to confidence and success in math!

  • PUZZLE MASTERS Becoming a strong and effective problem solver requires more than simply knowing a lot. In this center, your child will strengthen their ability to think logically, spatially and flexibly through individual puzzles designed by ThinkFun, Smart Games, MindWare, KenKen and more. Through play, your child will gain confidence in their own ability to persist at and solve challenging problems.

  • MATH LAB Mathematics is not something you “get” from a teacher but rather a powerful way of thinking about problems. This ability comes from your own explorations and your own reasoning. Your child will make sense of complex ideas through compelling competition-level word problems and deepen their understanding of the foundational mathematical concepts that are a critical part of the elementary and middle school years.

  • Pi Q MATH STORE Earn points as you complete challenges in each center and then spend your points at our store! Each time you return to a Pi Q Math camp, you will tackle different, more difficult challenges so that your skills continue to grow.

    Camp Location    

When camps are in session,
you can find us on the top floor of

Sixth Avenue UCC
3250 E 6th Ave
Denver, CO 80206

(720) 263-5502

    Camp Details    

Camp Time:

9:00 - 3:30


8:45 - 9:00


3:30 - 3:45


1st - 8th Grade

What To Bring:

Water Bottle and Lunch. No Water Fountain Available.

09.22.2023 - Friday


10.12.2023 - Thursday


10.13.2023 - Friday


11.20.2023 - Monday


11.21.2023 - Tuesday


01.02.2024 - Tuesday


01.15.2024 - Monday


02.16.2024 - Friday


02.19.2024 - Monday


04.1.2024 - Monday


04.19.2024 - Friday


School Break Camp

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    Registration Policies

Cancel 7-Days Before Scheduled Class Receive a credit of $60 towards any future Pi Q Math camp. This credit will not expire. There are no refunds or credit offered if you cancel within 7-days of the registered class for a non-medical emergency.

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