iStopmotion and iMovie


The children who will be most successful in the 21st century are those who love to innovate and think creatively.  At Pi Q Math, children have many choices of activities that will help them strengthen their ability to reason logically and think spatially.  To this, we have recently added a highly creative outlet through stop motion taught by instructors with a background in architecture, film and photography.

Stop motion is a fun and easy way to introduce the world of animation to young children.  Stop motion integrates art and story telling with technology.  Children work collaboratively on small teams to first storyboard an idea, a critical step in making a good movie.  Then, they create their story out of paper, markers, magnets, sticky notes, LEGOs, Model Magic and more!  Children “film” their project in iStopMotion frame by frame.  Stop Motion is extremely compelling because children see their work come to life immediately.  Completed projects will be shared on YouTube under the Pi Q Math channel.