whole numbers

Our whole number curriculum covers various topics taught during the elementary school years such as basic geometry, telling time, measurement, numerical operations and procedural fluency.  More importantly, our whole number curriculum introduces your child to the foundations of algebraic thinking. 

Children who understand arithmetic with whole numbers at a level at which they can express, explain and justify the calculations they are performing have learned some critical foundations of algebra.  Consider the following example from our curriculum:

        5 + 3 = 3 + N

Some children will give the answer as 8.  This is a beautiful moment to introduce your child to equations, the meaning of the equal sign and variables.  Some children will actually perform the calculations in order to derive the answer.  It is extremely interesting at this point to ask children to justify their answer without performing the calculations.  This is just one simple example of the many conversations that happen throughout the whole number curriculum and that contribute to the foundations of algebraic thinking.

Pi Q Math believes that success in algebra must start in the elementary school years as children are mastering basic concepts in whole number arithmetic. 


“Our son woke up this morning requesting to go to Pi Q Math.  His exact words ...”Mom, I have a few days off.  Can I please go to Pi Q Math?”.  I love that he is so excited about Pi  Q Math!”  - Daisy, mother of a kindergartner at Stanley British.