the math olympiads


Over 500 students have participated on math olympiad teams coached by Pi Q Math at various schools over the past five years.  Pi Q Math helped launch a Math Olympiad team at Polaris at Ebert and at Dennison.  Pi Q Math offers both middle school and elementary school division teams.

The Math Olympiads club is an opportunity for your child to develop their ability to reason, to be logical, to be resourceful and occasionally to be ingenious!  It has helped thousands of kids understand that math is not about blindly following rules but about solving complex and deeply satisfying problems.  It has generated excitement, energy and pride in excelling in mathematics.  Your child’s success in the Math Olympiads is a very good reflection of how strong and flexible their understanding of elementary and middle school mathematics is.  Please contact Pi Q Math if you are interested in starting a team and have questions or need coaching support.  Learn more about the Math Olympiads at

Teller Elementary celebrates after the Westerly Creek 2nd Annual Epic Math Olympiad Tournament in April, 2013.  Teller’s 5th grade team earned 2nd and 3rd place individual trophies as well as a 2nd place team medal.  There were 65 participants from five different Denver area schools.

The 2014-15 Teller Math Olympiad team meets before school each week.

The Math Olympiads is an international competition in math problem solving in which over 110,000 4th through 8th grade students from 5,000 teams participate.  All 50 states and approximately 30 other countries are represented. 

Students meet once a week to strengthen their problem solving skills and deepen their understanding of important mathematical concepts.  Five competitions are administered throughout the school year during the camp time - no traveling is required.  Each competition is composed of five problems and students have 30 minutes to solve them.  A perfect score for the full year is 25 points.  In 2014-15, only 10% of Division E (4th - 6th grade) participants scored 18 points or above.

“Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate you, Anjalika.  Our son loves going to the Math Olympiads.  You are so good at teaching skills, building enthusiasm, and building confidence.”  - Zach, father of a 3rd grader at Teller.

Three team members from the Denver Language School Math Olympiad team.