LEGO Mindstorms ev3 robotics summer


In the 12 minute video, watch various teams solve missions on the LEGO Mars mat.

There are 7 missions on the mat and each has specific rules.  Your EV3 robot must always start completely in base and then return fully into base without touching the table walls once the mission has been completed.  You may not touch other missions on the mat while completing your mission.

  1. Return the Asteroids: Collect all three asteroids and return the rocks to base.

  2. Raise the Communications:  Push the red lever and raise the communications dish.

  3. Rescue the Robot: Free the stuck robot on the orange bridge.  The robot must remain on Mars while your EV3 returns to base.

  4. Raise the Solar Panels: Spin the red dial and raise the solar panels.  Your EV3 must use a color sensor to find the green line before approaching the mission.

  5. Launch the Rocket: Hit the large gray dish to launch the rocket and its crew.  The rocket must make it to Mars and hit and release the space station.

  6. Launch the Satellite: Carry the satellite from base and leave it standing with the flaps out directly on the specified spot on the mat.

  7. Assemble the Crew: The most difficult mission on this mat, this challenge involves finding and returning the astronaut standing on the black LEGO piece back to base.  The astronauts may switch spots and so your EV3 must be ready to find which is the correct astronaut to collect and return to base.  This mission requires the use of a color sensor.

Kids choose between four exciting centers during the summer programming weeks.  LEGO WeDo offers our younger campers a chance to build and program cool robots.  LEGO Boost offers a more complex LEGO building adventure with multiple robot designs to choose from, all of which you can then program to move and play with.  The Harry Potter Coding Wand is a fun alternative to Scratch where kids build their own program using a drag-and-drop interface and then with the swoosh of the wand become wizards!  And, of course, there are the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots.  If kids tire of programming, LEGOs and robots, many chose to spend time working in our Puzzle center, relaxing in our free time area or playing a board game.  We hope you enjoy the video below that offers a small glimpse of these fun summer weeks.