LEGO Mindstorms ev3 robotics 2017


Kids chose between five exciting centers during the 2017 summer programming weeks.  LEGO WeDo offered our younger campers a chance to build and program cool robots.  OzoBots and Blockly Games were two different programming options for older kids with an emphasis on understanding “if” statements.  A few kids chose to explore programming in Scratch, LOGO and Python.  And, of course, there are the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots!  If kids tired of programming, LEGOs and robots, many chose to spend time working in our Puzzle center, relaxing in our free time area or playing a board game.  We hope you enjoy the two videos below that offer a short glimpse of the two fun weeks.

This year, we had the Green City LEGO Mat.  This mat contains 7 different missions varying from simple to complex.  Each team built their own arms to complete each mission and did all of their own programming and debugging.  In the videos above, notice the variety of creative solutions and know that each successful mission took hours of patient building, programming and many, many iterations.  The kids walk away feeling incredibly proud of their work!  Robotics is a compelling way to improve a child’s reasoning and patient problem solving skills as well as expose them to foundational programming concepts.

Each mission has specific rules.  Your EV3 robot should start completely in base and then return fully into base without touching the table walls once the mission has been completed.  Your robot should not touch other missions on the mat while completing your mission.

  1. Closing the Dam: Fix the dam by bumping into the “broken” piece and then return the energy brick to base.

  2. Activating the Wind Turbine:  Push the red lever, spin the wind turbine and return the energy brick to base.

  3. Placing the Solar Panel: Place the solar panel onto the roof of the house and return the energy brick to base.

  4. Sorting the Trash: Collect and sort the trash by picking up and placing the yellow trash loop on the yellow trash container and the black trash loop on the black trash container.  Return the energy brick to base.

  5. Deploying the New Smokestack: The robot must knock down the black smokestack and lift the white one and then return the energy brick back to base.

  6. Energizing the Green City: Place four energy bricks in place and push the red holder to activate the green city and then return your robot to base.