LEGO Mindstorms ev3 robotics summer


Kids choose between four exciting centers during the summer programming weeks.  LEGO WeDo offers our younger campers a chance to build and program cool robots.  LEGO Boost offers a more complex LEGO building adventure with multiple robot designs to choose from, all of which you can then program to move and play with.  The Harry Potter Coding Wand is a fun alternative to Scratch where kids build their own program using a drag-and-drop interface and then with the swoosh of the wand become wizards!  And, of course, there are the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots.  If kids tire of programming, LEGOs and robots, many chose to spend time working in our Puzzle center, relaxing in our free time area or playing a board game.  We hope you enjoy the video below that offers a small glimpse of these fun summer weeks.