number riddles


This is a fun curriculum that increases a child’s comfort with arithmetic through challenging number riddles.  The curriculum covers the basic number operations plus more advanced concepts such as negative numbers, exponents, and factorials. Solving these riddles in the most elegant and efficient way relies deeply on a child’s solid understanding of how arithmetic works.

Can you solve the following problems without a calculator or using a pencil and paper?

    Compute (37 ∗ 56) ÷ (56 ∗ 37)

    Compute 85(29 ∗ 93) - 93(85 ∗ 29)

At Pi Q Math, we will never talk about tricks nor will we encourage kids to memorize rules.  We believe that kids can solve these problems based on their own understanding of how arithmetic works. 

Being able to confidently manipulate equations that involve “scary” looking arithmetic is a powerful skill and one that will come in handy as children progress to more advanced mathematics.

Two girls who LOVE to tackle challenging word problems!

“Our daughter had such a great time at camp. She has had some challenges with math this year, and her confidence has been really down.  It was amazing to see her confidence go up, and to see her so excited after spending the week with you.  She has always dreaded math, but told me she wishes she could go to “math camp” every week! ”  - Cassie, mother of a 4th grader at Westerly Creek.