logo explorations



“Creating the wave was fairly simple, however getting the wave to move across the window was a challenge.  I am especially proud of my random circles.  The random circle command made me think about circles so much it started to become crazy!  In order to make a circle with a specific diameter, I needed to understand and play with the formula for the circumference of the circle and then apply that to a 360-sided polygon.  I think my final piece is really quite beautiful.” - Louie from Teller Elementary

“I didn’t realize we were going to play with computers.  I thought we were going to do regular math like in school.  With LOGO, you get to explore and figure things out on your own.  I could challenge myself to do anything the other kids could do, and often without help.  I was really slow, but that was fine because that meant I really had to figure out everything on my own.  It was ok if I messed up sometimes.  If you are perfect and you get it right the first time, you don’t learn anything!” - Izabella from Teller Elementary

We sometimes use the Pro-Bot car which allows children to input LOGO commands, insert a marker and then push GO and watch the car draw their commands on paper.  Children use rulers and protractors to measure turns and lengths of various polygons and then translate these measurements into code. 


This ebook is the result of approximately 10 hours of play spread over eleven weeks at Teller Elementary school during the 2013-14 school year.  Seven students from 3rd and 5th grades participated.  Most had no exposure to programming.  In this book, you will find their art as well as their code which is an integral part of the beauty derived from LOGO art pieces. 

Purchase Explore LOGO Art and Coding by Pi Q Math from the iTunes store for $0.99.  All proceeds will go towards scholarships for Teller students to participate in Pi Q Math camps.  An iPad or Mac with iBooks is required to open this ebook.


Terrapin LOGO

LOGO is a programming language developed at MIT by people who believe in learning through play.  Even though LOGO was developed with children in mind, it is sophisticated enough to be used at a college level. 

LOGO provides children a reason to learn programming concepts - the creation of beautiful art pieces.  It exposes children to sophisticated geometric relationships while playing with code to draw simple shapes in specific orientations and sizes.  The mathematics in these 3 projects is clear.  Not only do children discover beautiful geometric relationships, they also grow in their ability to think algebraically by coding programs to draw shapes of varying size based on input variables.

“I saw some fun fractal designs with stars and triangles, so I decided to explore fractal patterns with squares and circles.  I learned about recursion which is when a procedure calls itself multiple times until it hits a level equal to zero at which point it starts to unwind.  I especially like my variable in the fractal coding which allows me to vary the levels of recursion that get drawn.  After this experience in LOGO, I sometimes find myself thinking about how I would create the natural patterns I find around me in LOGO” - Nikita from Teller Elementary