The American Math Competition (AMC) by the Mathematical Association of America is America’s longest-running and most prestigious set of math contests.  They are dedicated to strengthening the mathematical capabilities of our nation’s youth by identifying, recognizing and rewarding excellence in mathematics through a series of 6 different national contests for varying ages.  Over 350,000 students from every state participate in these contests.

Pi Q Math is pleased to offer the AMC 8 to middle school students at Denver Language School as well as for The Math Enthusiasts, the Saturday morning math club.  The AMC is a 25-questions, 40 minute multiple choice exam held in November every year.

These problems offer problem solving experiences beyond those provided in most middle school math classes.  Just like the Math Olympiads, the AMC 8 problems are compelling because you can not blindly apply procedures but must engage with and think through each problem in order to arrive at the correct answer.  Your child’s performance with AMC 8 problems is an excellent reflection of their deep, connected and flexible understanding of middle school mathematics.

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Members of the Denver Language School Math Olympiad team, who are now participating in the AMC 8 competition.